A Community Parish in the City

Brightmoor Pastoral Alliance

Brightmoor Pastor’s Alliance

Community Vision and Project Charter

Statement of Position

The Pastors and Spiritual Leaders serving in the Brightmoor and Rosedale communities have observed many problems detrimental to the health and welfare of the community. These observations revealed problems ranging from violence and drug abuse to broken marriages and premarital pregnancies; from corruption and self-enrichment by public officials to children left to be trained in the street by tutors devoid of moral discipline; and from schools that warehouse instead of teaching to seniors cowering in fear and loneliness. These problems are viewed by some as a simple expression of physical decay of buildings and improper use of land; we see a far more complex expression, the decay of the moral, spiritual and economic structures of a people. Not all of these people live in Brightmoor.

 The solution to these problems, we believe, lies in a people-focused approach that prioritizes the physical and spiritual renewal, and economic stability of the people. Not all those people live in Brightmoor.

 We are encouraged by our faith and the faith of those who, despite the problems, remain steadfast in their pursuit of the “better,” work diligently for the best, and continually give of their best efforts. Not all those people live in Brightmoor.

 We believe our Houses of Worship have a prophetic obligation to engage these issues, to articulate a vision consistent with our faith and the hope of our people, to establish programs that will bring this vision to pass, and to partner with those who share our passion and commitment to this vision. Not all those people live in Brightmoor.

Our Vision

The Brightmoor Pastors’ vision for the Brightmoor community is person-centered, ensuring that all activities, programs, and services will achieve:

A. A culture that exemplifies the fruit of the Holy Spirit such as joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance, kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness, gentleness (meekness, humility) and, self-control (self-restraint, continence).

B. Opportunities that give residents priority over non-residents.

C. Strategic economic development and coordinated land use.

D. A safe community that has zero tolerance for all criminal behavior.

E. A clean community.

F. A community of whole, healthy families that properly parent and prepare its children to become productive citizens, provides care for its seniors, and enabling resources for adults who must meet the needs of their children and their parents.

G. Cutting edge education that empowers and attracts families into the community.

H. The development of a community that retains its own vision and focus and, simultaneously, engages in collaboration locally (e.g., Redford, Rosedale, Grandmont), citywide, and broadly (Southeast Michigan and beyond).

I. The development of senior villages that offer a full range of senior support services including seniors as parents led collaboratively between the member Churches of BPA.

J. The development of a Resource Center led by the Houses of Worship (churches, synagogues, mosques and others) in which community resources are catalogued and shared throughout the Brightmoor area.

The Brightmoor Pastor’s Alliance recognizes that it cannot achieve these objectives alone; therefore it will collaborate with strategic and tactical partners to bring this vision to fruition.

We will assume the leadership role in elements G, I and J and create an integrated community of Senior Villages (“The Villages in Brightmoor”) that will focus on providing residential and support services for seniors along a continuum from independent living to dependent care. Additionally, we will create residential, business, educational and recreational opportunities for seniors, their care givers and families, and senior service providers. Hence several “villages” centered around care for seniors, their families, and those who provide that care.

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Brightmoor spiritual leaders is to combine the gifts God has provided them to fulfill the vision he has given them.