A Community Parish in the City




Under the umbrella of the Inclusion Commission, Fortunate Families acts as an outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members of the community and their families.

We are Families, Parents, and Allies who affirm and celebrate our family members and friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. We are “fortunate” because our LGBT children and friends are a gift to us and to our community.  We are open to all who are striving to continue to embrace their Catholic faith as well as to love and celebrate their LGBT family members and friends.

Fortunate Families meets every two months at Christ the King except during the summer months.  Our purpose is to support other Catholic families with LGBT loved ones and to educate the wider community on the need for understanding and acceptance of LGBT people.

Our recent weekend at Detroit’s Motor City Pride celebration is an example of our outreach with Christ the King to the LGBT community in the Detroit area.

Our Motor City Pride experience was blessed with no rain, some good breezes off the river, and record-breaking visits to our booth by Pride attendees. This was our fifth year staffing a booth at MCP and our fourth year marching in the parade on Sunday.  This event always brings us lots of questions about our welcoming parishes, Christ the King and Gesu, and about Fortunate Families and the St. Mary's LGBT Outreach in Ann Arbor. It is an opportunity to get the word out that these parishes are places where LGBTQ people can come and enjoy an environment of welcome and equality.

Fortunate Families next meeting will be held at Christ the King after the 10:45 Mass on Sunday, March 25.  Please join us for an educational program and a chance to share stories and fellowship. For more information click here.

All Are Welcome!

For information or questions, please call 313-670-2613.