A Community Parish in the City

Northern Edge Group


The Together in Faith II group has been meeting for about 2 years in an effort to forge out a future for the 6 parishes in the Northern Edge.
The 6 parishes that make up the Northern Edge Group are as follows:

Christ the King
Corpus Christi
Presentation Our Lady of Victory
St. Peter Claver Catholic Community
St. Scholastica

After many gatherings, committee meetings, planning meetings and sub-committee meetings, we chose a plan of collaboration as our way forward. We felt that this way we could maintain a Catholic presence in our area of Northwest Detroit and help each other in certain areas.

We therefore put together a proposal, Northern Edge Group: Proposed Five Year Collaborative Plan and submitted it to The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council and The Archdiocese of Detroit in November of 2011 for their review of our plan. Our plan was well received and highly thought of but there was no approval of our plan. However, we did receive feedback in the form of additional suggestions and questions and another date to submit a plan that addresses the questions and suggestions.

We went to work on the revise plan so that we could meet the next submission date and we submitted Vicariate Plan – Final to Bishop Donald Hanchon and The Archdiocese of Detroit in July of 2012.

To keep our various parishes up to date on our progress we presented  Proposed Collaboration Partners Plan_CK to our respective parishes. This was presented at our Town Hall Meeting in June of 2012.

We are moving forward with our plan and are looking for additional ways in which we can collaborate on some of the many things that we do in our parishes.

More to come!!