A Community Parish in the City

Christian Services

Our Mission Statement

The commission empowers the members of the parish to fulfill the church’s mission of love, justice, freedom and peace under the mantle of evangelization by communally responding, in an organized way, to societal and individual needs.

The Christian Service Commission fulfills its mission by:

1. Loving our neighbor

2. Doing works of charity, with special concern to the vulnerable population

3. Promoting Peace and Social Justice to all.

When does Christian Service Commission meet?

        • We meet 5 times a year: every other month
          • September
          • November
          • January
          • March
          • May
        • We meet at 7pm in the rectory

The Christian Service Commission consists of:

For a look at this graphically click here.

Contact any of the following people below to learn more about the Christian Service Commission:

Phone #: 734-612-1422

Phone #: 313-532-1211

To find out how you may be able to help out especially during the holiday season, click here: Christian Service News