A Community Parish in the City

Faith Formation


Faith Formation Commission (formerly known as the Education Commission)    

Purpose of the Commission

The Faith Formation Commission helps all parishioners understand that the entire Parish communion has responsibility for promoting the teaching mission of the Church. The commission has the responsibility of developing, promoting, and evaluating programs in cooperation with the Archdiocesan and Parish staffs.  

Functions of the Commission

A. To establish and recommend objectives to the Parish Pastoral Council that flow from the goals of the Parish to address the educational and formational needs in the areas of Adult Faith Formation, Catholic Schools, Family Life, Catechetics, Vocations, Youth Ministry and Young Adult;

B. To determine through its committees the programs that will promote and support total Parish education and formation in all areas of the Parish;

C. To review and evaluate quarterly the progress of the Commission’s objectives;

D. To work with the Parish professional staff and volunteers to support education and formation programs in the Parish;

E. To propose a budget for education and formation in the Parish and submit to the Parish Pastoral Council

F. To promote and support the policies of the Education Department of the Archdiocese as they pertain to the Parish.

Structure of the Commission

The Faith Formation Commission will include interested parishioners and appropriate Pastoral Staff. The committees of the Faith Formation Commission are:
Adult Faith Formation
Catholic Schools
Family Life
Youth Ministry
Young Adult

The Commission chooses one of its members to become a member of the Vicariate Education Commission.        

For more information or if you want to join the Evangelization Commission, please contact:

Michelle Lewis
313- 532-1211 (Parish office)
313- 244-4141 (C)